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Dyson Gen5outsize Cordless Vacuum, Nickel/Blue, Extra Large

Dyson Gen5outsize Cordless Vacuum Cleaner5

The Dyson Gen5 Outsize Cordless Vacuum in a sleek Nickel/Blue color! This vacuum is designed to take your cleaning experience to the next level with its extra-large size and impressive features. Say goodbye to the hassle of cords and hello to the freedom of cordless cleaning. With its powerful suction and advanced filtration system, it effortlessly tackles dirt, dust, and debris on any surface. TheΒ Dyson Gen5 Outsize Cordless VacuumΒ is a game-changer that brings convenience and efficiency to your cleaning routine. Get ready to transform your cleaning experience with this exceptional vacuum!

Intelligent Load Sensing: The vacuum automatically adjusts its power based on the floor type, optimizing performance and maximizing battery life.

High Torque XL Cleaner Head: With 25% more cleaning power than the previous model, the XL cleaner head efficiently removes ground-in dirt and fine dust from carpets and hard floors.Β [Buy Now on Amazon!πŸš€πŸ›’]

LCD Screen: The built-in LCD screen provides real-time performance updates, including battery level, selected power mode, and filter maintenance reminders.

Whole-machine Filtration: Capture 99.97% of microscopic particles with the advanced filtration system, ensuring cleaner air while you vacuum.

Hygienic Point-and-Shoot Bin Emptying: Easily empty the dustbin with a simple push of a button, preventing any contact with the dirt and debris.Β [Buy Now on Amazon!πŸš€πŸ›’]

Battery-saving Trigger: The vacuum only uses power when you need it, thanks to the trigger system that activates the motor while you clean and releases it when you pause.

Versatile Attachments: It comes with a combination tool, crevice tool, and mini motorized tool, providing versatile cleaning options for various surfaces and hard-to-reach areas.

Large Cleaning Reach: With an extra-long wand and a 1.9-meter hose, you can clean high ceilings, stairs, and other above-floor areas with ease.

Experience the next level of cleaning with the Dyson Gen5Outsize Cordless Vacuum, designed to deliver powerful performance, intelligent features, and hassle-free maintenance.Β [Buy Now on Amazon!πŸš€πŸ›’]

Dyson Vacuum

Dyson Gen5outsize Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

[Buy Now on Amazon!πŸš€πŸ›’]

Here are some pros and cons of the Dyson Gen5outsize Cordless Vacuum, Nickel/Blue, Extra Large


  1. πŸŒ€ Powerful Suction: The Dyson Gen5Outsize offers impressive suction power, ensuring thorough cleaning.
  2. πŸ’‘ Large Dust Capacity: With its extra-large size, it can hold more dust and debris, reducing the need for frequent emptying.
  3. ⚑️ Cordless Convenience: Enjoy the freedom of cordless cleaning, making it easy to maneuver around your home without restrictions.
  4. 🏠 Versatile Cleaning: It comes with various attachments for different surfaces, allowing you to clean carpets, hard floors, and more.
  5. 🧹 Efficient Filtration: The vacuum’s advanced filtration system captures allergens and particles, promoting cleaner air in your home. [Buy Now on Amazon!πŸš€πŸ›’]


  1. πŸ”‹ Battery Life: The cordless design’s runtime may be limited, requiring recharging for longer cleaning sessions.
  2. πŸ’¨ Loud Operation: The powerful suction can result in a louder noise level during use.
  3. πŸš€ Pricey Investment: The Dyson Gen5Outsize Cordless Vacuum comes with a higher price tag compared to some other vacuum models.
  4. πŸ’Ό Bulkier Design: The larger size of the vacuum may make it slightly heavier and less compact for storage. [Buy Now on Amazon!πŸš€πŸ›’]

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

Here are some additional unique features of the Dyson Gen5Outsize Cordless Vacuum

  1. πŸ€– Intelligent Auto Mode: The vacuum automatically adjusts its suction power based on the surface it’s cleaning, optimizing performance and battery life.
  2. πŸ”„ 2-in-1 Functionality: The vacuum can easily convert into a handheld mode, allowing you to clean above-floor areas, upholstery, and even your car.
  3. πŸ“± Smart Connectivity: Connect the vacuum to your smartphone via the Dyson app for real-time performance monitoring, maintenance reminders, and troubleshooting. [Buy Now on Amazon!πŸš€πŸ›’]
  4. 🧲 Magnetic Docking Station: The vacuum comes with a magnetic docking station for convenient storage and charging, keeping it always ready for use.
  5. 🎯 Laser-guided Navigation: Equipped with a laser sensor, the vacuum intelligently maps and navigates your home, ensuring comprehensive cleaning coverage.


For buyers looking for a vacuum that excels in pet hair removal, carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, and offers ease of use for various cleaning tasks, the Dyson Gen5Outsize Cordless Vacuum in Nickel/Blue is an excellent choice. Its powerful suction and specialized attachments make it highly effective in tackling pet hair, ensuring a clean and fur-free environment for pet owners.

When it comes to carpet cleaning, theΒ Dyson Gen5Outsize’s high torque XL cleanerΒ head is specifically designed to remove ground-in dirt and fine dust from carpets, leaving them fresh and revitalized. It effortlessly deep cleans even the toughest carpet fibers, maintaining the cleanliness and longevity of your carpets.Β [Buy Now on Amazon!πŸš€πŸ›’]

For general floor cleaning, this vacuum performs exceptionally well on hard floors, effortlessly picking up dirt, debris, and crumbs. The versatile attachments provided allow you to effortlessly clean not only floors but also sofas, upholstery, and other hard-to-reach areas.

The cordless design of theΒ Dyson Gen5OutsizeΒ adds to its ease of use, offering unrestricted movement and eliminating the hassle of dealing with tangled cords. Its lightweight construction and ergonomic design make it comfortable to handle, reducing strain and fatigue during extended cleaning sessions.

With the hygienic point-and-shoot bin emptying feature, you can easily dispose of the collected dirt and debris without any mess or hassle. The advanced filtration system ensures cleaner air by capturing allergens and microscopic particles, making it an ideal choice for allergy sufferers.

Here is the link to check detail and to buy this productΒ Β Β [Buy Now on Amazon!πŸš€πŸ›’]

Dyson Gen5outsize Cordless Vacuum, Nickel/Blue, Extra Large Customer Review

[Buy Now on Amazon!πŸš€πŸ›’]



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