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How to clean dyson airwrap filter


Are you afraid of how to clean your Dyson Airwrap? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a quick and easy method that will have your airwrap filter clean in just 5 minutes, and you won’t need any expert assistance. Anyone can follow these steps without the help of another person. So, let’s get started with the simple process of cleaning your Dyson Airwrap filter.

How to Clean Your Dyson Airwrap Filter.

Step-by-Step Process to Clean Your Dyson Airwrap Filter

 Step 1: Ensure Safety

Always unplug your Dyson Airwrap before starting the cleaning process. This is important to protect yourself from any potential electrical shocks.

Step 2: Locate and Remove the Filter Cage

The filter cage is located at the bottom of the handle. Twist it anti-clockwise to unlock it, then gently pull it out.

Step 3: Brush Away Debris from the Filter Cage

Use your small brush to gently remove any debris or buildup from the filter cage. Be careful not to apply too much pressure as the filter cage has small holes and can be delicate.

Step 4: Clean the Filter Inside the Handle

Next, use your brush to clean the inside of the handle, where the filter cage was removed. It’s important to clean this part as well, as dust and debris can accumulate here.

Step 5: Wipe Down the Filter Cage and Handle

After you’ve brushed away the debris, use a soft, dry cloth to wipe down the filter cage and the inside of the handle to remove any remaining dust particles.

Step 6: Let it Dry

It’s important to ensure that all components are completely dry before reassembling your Dyson Airwrap. Any moisture left inside can potentially damage the device.

Step 7: Replace the Filter Cage

Once everything is dry, you can replace the filter cage. Place it back into the handle, twist it clockwise until it clicks, indicating it’s locked into place.

Regular Maintenance for Your Dyson Airwrap

Aim to clean your Dyson Airwrap filter once a month, or as soon as you notice a buildup of debris, to ensure that your Airwrap continues to perform at its best. Regular maintenance not only improves the performance of your device but also extends its lifespan.

Now that you know how to clean your Dyson Airwrap filter, you’re equipped to keep your device functioning at its best. Always remember to refer to your product’s user manual for specific maintenance instructions. If you’re unsure about any part of the process, don’t hesitate to contact Dyson’s customer service for assistance.

Clean Dyson Airwrap Filter

The Importance of Cleaning Your Dyson Airwrap Filter

While the Dyson Airwrap is a robust and sophisticated tool, it requires regular maintenance to perform at its best. Cleaning the filter is perhaps the most crucial part of this maintenance.

The filter in your Dyson Airwrap acts as a barrier that prevents dust and debris from reaching the motor. Over time, these particles can accumulate on the filter, which can lead to several problems:

  1. Reduced Airflow: As the filter becomes clogged with dust and debris, the airflow is reduced. This can cause the motor to work harder, which can potentially lead to overheating and reduce the lifespan of your device.

  2. Decreased Performance: With a clogged filter, you may notice that your Airwrap doesn’t work as efficiently as it used to. This is because the reduced airflow can affect the speed and heat level of the device.

  3. Damage to the Motor: If too much dust and debris accumulate, it could potentially pass through the filter and reach the motor, which can cause damage over time.

Given these potential issues, it’s clear why cleaning your Dyson Airwrap filter regularly is so important. It not only ensures that your device continues to perform at its best, but it can also extend its life, saving you from costly repairs or replacement.

Additional Tips for Cleaning Your Dyson Airwrap Filter

Following the step-by-step guide to clean your Dyson Airwrap filter will help keep your device in good shape. However, here are a few extra tips for you:

  • Frequency: As a rule of thumb, clean your filter at least once a month. However, if you use your Airwrap frequently or use a lot of hair products, you might need to clean it more often.

  • Dry Completely: Always make sure the filter and the handle are completely dry before reassembling your Dyson Airwrap. Moisture can damage the motor and other electrical components.

  • Gentle Cleaning: Be gentle when you’re cleaning the filter. It’s made of delicate material that could be easily damaged if you scrub it too hard.

  • Replacement: If the filter is damaged or overly clogged, you might need to replace it. Check the Dyson website or your product’s user manual for information on how to order a replacement filter.

Cleaning your Dyson Airwrap filter can feel like a chore, but remember, taking care of your device can lead to better performance and a longer life. Regular maintenance is a small price to pay for the benefits you’ll receive in return.

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